What colleagues and clients said about me
Arseni carried out extremely challenging projects, including complete inception, design and development of sophisticated web-based products for the scientific community. Arseni and his team repeatedly have shown that they can systematically analyze the needs of our users, understand key use cases and help us design state of the art web-based products.
Ilya Kupershmidt | Founder of Nextbio, Head of Products at Illumina
It has been great working with Arseni on the design for the administrator portal for our product. Before he proposes a design, he tries to truly understand all the use cases involved and makes useful suggestions and observations on the workflows - making tweaks that enhances the user's experience. He is professional and responsive and produces high quality wireframes and visual designs.
Meigy Tsai | Engineering and Product Lead at Nefeli Networks
"Arseni is an extremely talented designer and usability expert with a real flair for taking complex scientific workflows and producing smart, clean, and modern designs. He is a great communicator and very easy to work with. What I most appreciate about Arseni is that he has made me a better product manager by forcing me to think about my product in different ways I hadn't thought of before."
Tara M. Love | Product Manager at Qiagen
Arseni, the design looks fantastic. Thank you for delivering everything ahead of schedule!
Katrina Mitchell, PhD | Genetics Development at Invitae
Arseni is an honest and transparent design guru, and always a pleasure to work with. Resolving design-related challenges is what Arseni does best and he always adheres to your timing and budget constraints. Always.
Alex Fishman | Co-Founder & CEO of Bugsee
Arseni and his team helped us to achieve a clean and usable interface. I highly recommend.
Eric Smith | Bioinformatics Scientist, Illumina
Arseni provided valuable strategic insights that helped to enhance the overall user experience of our product as well as to increase the conversion rates.
Ola Brukovskaya | COO at Algorithmics
I'm extremely happy with the work STILL HUMAN done for our DNA ordering flow.
Gillian Jarvis | Design Director @ Twist Bioscience